My Nails from Birmingham comp..


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Hi everyone,

well i have recovered and i hope all that competed this weekend had a good time even if it didn't go the way you wanted its an experience and i hope to see you all competing again...big well done to everyone :hug:

So i thought i would post my pics for you to wasn't my best weekend for comps i had a few errors, like no where near finishing my salon nail art on time lol, and also suffering from the sickness bug so hope i haven't pasted it on to anyone, sorry if i have :green:

here are my pics i entered
Top tech L&P tip & overlay-2nd place
salon nail challenge- 4th place
sculpting- 3rd place
salon nail art- 3rd place
and photographic- 2nd place

so it was a good weekend :lol:

talented talons

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You did really well, well done you Hun!

I love all the nails you did, especially the nail art ones and the photographic competition pic.

Can i ask you, what they look for in the photo comp? Do you get any feed back with the photo comp?


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yes i had alot of feed bake i lost alot of marks because the nails aren't the main focus so really i should have cropped it more to make the nails clearer...
the them was 'wedding belles' so you need to do something original but so you can tell the theme as soon as you look at the photo...and the nails being the main focus!!! :green:

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Thanks for that, i am going in for my 1st photographic nail comp in may, so don't have any idea what they will be looking for. I thought the nails should be the main focus, but it depends on what you do.

The comp i'm doing has no theme, which i think is hard because you can do ANYTHING! Too much choice.


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are you doing the scratch shoot out?

i am doing that one aswell but have an idea of what i want to do
good luck hun if you need any help let me know? :hug:


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Well done kirsty.........

I hope one day I can reach comp standard, thats one to aim for.

You did very well as you always do, keep up the good work.



Wow, well done! You produce some beautiful work, some of the best nails I've seen. The quality is excellent - I hope I can get to this standard someday.
Claire x

tracey louise

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wow,you have done some amazing nails.i really loved your photographic work i thought the picture was really good.
you are very talented kirsty and im sure you will go along way in your career.
gorgeous nails and congratulations.xx


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Wow, what amazing nails! Be proud of yourself chick......:hug:


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thankyou all so much for your kind words glad i could share them with you...would be good if anyone else that competed to post there pics too :green:


Your nails are fantastic as always Kirsty! Well done!


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Well done hunny :hug:

I am going to be like you when I grow up !!!!!
( IF I ever grow up that is lol)
Your nails are fantastic, and so are the pics, well done again darlin xxxxxxxx


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Fabulous nails Kirsty, as always ... well done on all of your well deserved placements :hug:

Onwards and upwards .... :!:



really gorgeous kirsty!! welldone :)


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WOOOOOOOW, great nails!!! really awsome job i have to say!!! loved every single one of your pics.


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Absolutley stunning Kirsty, well done hun xxx

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Fabulous piccies Kirsty! Your achievements are so well deserved xxx

talented talons

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are you doing the scratch shoot out?

i am doing that one aswell but have an idea of what i want to do
good luck hun if you need any help let me know? :hug:
Thanks i really appreciate it. Good luck to you hun, hope to see you there.:hug:


Well done babe the nails are always fab congrats on your wins


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Great work over all the categories
shows what a great all rounder you really are!