OK, First FULL set of Pop-It's, before and after....


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Jun 30, 2005
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Seattle, WA USA
OK, here is a before and after, I used black powder on most nails, some blue, melting pot, cobalt, and sin city on thumbs and ring fingers.....

I find my achilles heel with these types of forms is my sidewalls, and not pressing too hard at the cuticle. But while the first hand felt a little awkward and wierd, the second hand went MUCH faster, and needed MUCH MUCH less refining- which is why you see more of that hand lol...





Okay, the first thing I noticed was that you made this model's hands and fingers look longer and more slender, just by the enhancement you applied! :D I chalk that up to shape and length, and possibly color. The sidewalls and edges were not bad at all; I just saw a couple of nails that could use a tweak. These photos didn't show apex placement very well, but I suspect it's good so I gave it a 4. (no smile line, but I gave a 5 so the overall percentage wouldn't suck). And the only reason I didn't rate a 5 on originality and design is because black is not my favorite, and I wasn't quite sure about that strip of copper at the cuticle. I think I'd need to see these in person to appreciate those colors better. :) But 9/10 over all, definitely! :D You totally rock!
Why thank you dahlink. :)

And it is better in person, I think. The color just isn't the same. :)
woa they are lovely hun , well done xxx
you should be proud of them hun....they look great xxxx
Absolutely lovely, xx.
Thanks ladies :)
There are things that are driving me crazy about them, but I am determined not to let it make me crazy since this IS my first full set of them! I might do my own tonight, I will keep you posted as I play...
Very nice design, I'm liking a lot :hug:
I like the complete black coverage......they look really nice. Well done.
i think they look really good.i bet your client was well impressed
my "client" is actually another nailtech/hair stylist from another salon that I trade with lol. It was blowing her mind, she went and ordered her own set. :)
Im going to order some. These are pretty Heather.
Lovely work as usual Heather x
I'm still not totally sold as such with this system as the cuticles don't seem to be "just right" with the sets I've seen but I have to admit I really like these.

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