P&W on myself done today


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Feb 6, 2006
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West Yorkshire
Hi geeks!

Today while off work with health problems i thought i would try my hand at P&W as its something i dont get chance to do that many off.
Most of my nail clients are the young girls who want cheep and mainly white tips, the older generation who have enhancements always go for the natural look....Any how feel free to give critique, (good or bad) i can see where my faults are and i know my left hand is much better than my right hand (must practice to hold the brush in left hand more!)
Middle finger on right hand always looks wide and fat but its the way my nail grows wonky and round to the side :hug:

right hand.JPG left hand.JPG
wow, they look really nice!

much better than i can manage!! x
Lovely Pips, especially on your own hands, well done xx
ROFPMSL i have just replied to this in the critique part and guessed that they were your fingers lol :hug:
They are ace, go get some hand creme on missus
ROFPMSL i have just replied to this in the critique part and guessed that they were your fingers lol :hug:
They are ace, go get some hand creme on missus

I did put cuticle oil on but that was before i cleaned the bathroom, hoovered the stairs & changed the beds ! lol Only time it stays is if i put it on as i climb in bed lmao
They look good to me.
You did a great job, well done :hug:

Julie x
i think you have done a great job, i wish i could do my own as good as those!!
Lovely job! I can't do my own that well.
I really must make my smiles curvier, yours are lovely!

Keep up the great work!
I have nothing to comment on that you didn't already

Yum - lovely nails

On the right hand middle finger thing.. most ppl who are right handed have this prob.. its down to using writing instruments at such young ages (most kids learn to write at school age 5'ish) while our fingers are still forming and developing so the meir act of holding a pen for 10 odd years while our fingers grow causes this deformed finger.... probably of no help to anyone but yeah thats my geekly input for the day lol
They look really good Matey, very consistent smiles and to be honest, the middle finger is fine, you have corrected the shape by curving it slightly which could give the appearance of being fat hipped, but i think it looks fine myself. You would have to really look and be so critical to see it.

Great nails hun, well done you.
I think they are really lovely:)
Well done and I like your smiles x
wow,i wish i could do someone elses that good let alone my own:lol:.i cant believe you did them yourself.your smiles are just amazing.the whites have very nice smiles to them,i really like them.i would say that they all look consistent in lenght,shape and amount of white.well done.i would say that these are just right in every way.there gorgeous.i hope im as good as you one day:)
fab job xx

love the shape of your smiles xx nice and crisp xx
love those smiles. x
I think they look great. Nice length, thickness and smiles.
Being picky, maybe your zone 3 could be a bit more flush?
Could just be the picks though?!
Good job pips.
wow pips, they are fab especially on your own hands, if i can do anything half that good on my left hand after training i will be chuffed, let alone if i can tackle doing my right hand lolol, and your smiles are so smiley and crisp, they look fabby hun

they look fab !! :)
Thanks guys, your input is all taken on board and i will put it to practice next time :hug:

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