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Is it necessary for a tech to wear a uniform?

  • Damn straight.

    Votes: 362 73.1%
  • Heck no.

    Votes: 133 26.9%

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Mar 5, 2003
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Hi all

Me again! Back to bother the board with another post.

This is just a quickie for a poll that will appear in the January issue of Professional Nails.

I know this has been discussed before, but I still think it is quite interesting and quite topical thanks to the pink tabard being sported by Kate in Enders! Love it...

So, the question this month is: Do you think it's necessary for a tech to wear a uniform?

Please post your replies here or to me personally via email (with all your rants about the mag) to [email protected]

Hope you are all having fun in the world of techdom and are looking forward to Christmas.

Take care

Features writer
Professional Nails

PPS: If any of you think your salon deserves a bit of recognition, give me a bell on 020 7471 1618. I'm always keen to feature salons for our salon portrait section each month and you know, our Professional Beauty Awards aren't too far away - Best Nail Salon and Best Nail Technician awards are up for grabs, so check out our January issue for more info... Ta, ta...
Glad to see your back with your cool Q's.

I have taken the liberty of:
  • Making the post Sticky for the next couple weeks so everyone can have input before it gets buried.
  • Adding a poll for you so you can look important with statistics and stuff ;)

    I expect everyone will want to put in their 2 bits over this one.

    Personally, I think it totally depends on the atmosphere of the salon. If you are going for a high-end clinical appeal... then absolutely uniforms.
    If you are going for a scrounge hole in the wall atmosphere, heck no.
    That isn't to say that kick ass salons can't go without uniforms. I have never worn a uniform (except for when I role play with Mrs. Geek :D :rolleyes: ) nor have I ever wanted to. Since I have worked in environments that have promoted personal style, it was inappropriate to do so (plus I would look weird in whites and Mules don't you think ;) )

    Anyhoo... I personally think it somes down to the environment myself.
As I said before and I still stand by this!!!!

Over the past few years we have worn all sorts of uniforms..........
From matching black t-shirts with logo and black combats to white t-shirts with logo and white combats...........

Uniform means a united look for all that work in your establishment.......
even if it's just one lol................If you are a sole trader or space renter in a hairdressers, people take notice of what you wear............

Take a look at all the smart places around specialy here in London..........
Toni and Guy , their hairdressers wear neat black t-shirts and black pants.......
Look at the cool uniforms Creative wear at their stands.................
It just says, I am a professional, take pride in my business, take pride in my appearance, I took the time to select a look right for my surroundings ............

It takes the pain out of, what am I going to wear today, you don't ruin good clothes, i.e. acetone accident, nail polish accident aso..........
It's great for advertising your business, specialy if you wear your logo on your uniform.................

The days where Nail Techs looked like stern dental assistants have gone........
I took my cue in uniform from Creative, I loved the look so much that I got some nice black tunics ,mandarin collar, side slit and nice smart black pants from Next....
Boy my male clients love the look and I get loads of complements on my professional look..................
But hey as I say, a uniform doesn't make a great Technician, but it maks a great Technician look great..................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Uniform means a united look for all that work in your establishment.......
even if it's just one lol................If you are a sole trader or space renter in a hairdressers, people take notice of what you wear............

Yeah i totally agree with Ruth, that a united look, does look good. Does not have to be white tunics. But a colour that all the staff wear, I just think it looks more professinal.
Nailsinlondon1 said:
But hey as I say, a uniform doesn't make a great Technician, but it maks a great Technician look great..................

Well said ;)

though I still think I would look an end in whites and mules :D
Im a sole trader.......and I believe its really important to project a professional image. I wouldnt dream of going to work without a uniform! Mine is only a simple, yet distinctive look but I feel that this delivers an element of security to my clients. They feel that they are with a professional and that in turn makes me feel positive.
The days of the "sterile" look I feel have gone.....more and more of us are opting for a more casual approach.....softer shades....lilacs etc....and then more dramatic and stunning effects.....the Creative look. Comfort needs to play a big part too.

And of Ruth says....imagine having to select something everyday outta yer wardrobe!...ohhhhh those days were horrid! :rolleyes:

The thought of Sam in whites and mules has cheered me up! Thanks Sam!
I for one would not dream of going to a Beauty Salon to be given a treatment by a therapist wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sloppy look means a sloppy attitude to me.

Why should it be any different in the profession of Nails?
When I started I wore the white frock as I had to for college. Not a good look on me LOL.

After college, I wore a white tunic and navy trousers, but again it was very dentistry - I did get asked once if I was a dentist or a nurse LOL.

I then progressed to a white polo shirt with my logo on it but the white did not look good for long - the material bobbled and after many washes it turned a bit dingey looking.

With my new salon room opening hopefully in the new year I have opted for the black CND poloshirt and black trousers. Much better look for me.

ps. I would pay for photos of Samuel wearing white frock and mules :D :D
I agree 100% that a nail tech should look professional. I wear black trousers and a 'Creative Chic' top. However in my new Salon, I am going to go for one of the gorgeous uniforms from In-line.
sawasdee ka

I not have staff have uniform but i have staff have good training in bkk for learn make hair in Thailand have 18 month for learn .

Staff my shop make very good for customer and them have hair and make up very nice but have t shirt and skirt .

I not want go beauty salon with lady she wear uniform learn no good and not like her job i want lady she love her job and she learn good speak nice and do number 1 job .

what lady wear her salon up to her .

Kop khun ka mui ka
With so much media hype about non standard nail salons... i wouldnt dream of seeking professional treatment from some one less than professional looking. I am struggling to find customers and i wouldnt expect them to come or return to me if i looked like i was just chilling/shopping/partying....
I wear a black mandarin collered tunic and black 3/4 trousers and BIG glitzy I Do Nails Badge

I too was mistaken when where whites... black is smart,cool,contempary, and classical looking whilst still professional looking and even though i am on my own it still uniforms me with other nail professional.
Well I dont think some of you are going to like this but.........
.........I absolutely love my white tunic and pants!!!
Yes it may look clinical but i think it gives out the right vibes.
A nice crisp white uniform i believe sends out the message that you are proffessional and your salon is of the highest standard.
I dont disagree with those of you who want to wear a colour though, hey, each to their own, hah, hah.
This is my opinion.
easypeasy. :D
`Sawasdee ka

Maybe i am not same some people i do not care if lady is 19 or 99 if she 45 or 95 kilo i not care what she wear up to her .

I care if i have hair cut or blow dry or have nail enhancement or nail art it is with best product and she do number 1 job .

What she wear up to her .

Kop khun ka mui ka
After reading all your posts guys I am now even more sure of getting myself a proper little uniform of sorts. :D

I must find out where you all get your uniforms!!

I totally agree that having a uniform of any kind inspires confidence and puts people at ease, making them feel that they are in safe hands!! It shows that you are qualified and committed to what you are doing.

I went to a salon to have a manicure and they were dressed in very casual clothes and the lady that perfomed my manicure had extremely bitten nails!!!!! :aww: I'd never had a manicure done before and I must admit it didn't really inspire me and I didn't really feel they were giving a very good impression.

I think that a uniform can be anything so long as it gives that professional edge associated with the service you are giving. Smart, presentable, clean etc.

I think that ones appearance is an important clue as to the standards and mind of the individual. If one cares about the image one projects (after all, a client does not know if you do NO 1 job when she first meets you) then it usually indicates a person who takes the time to make a good impression on the client with her job as well, whether it be hair or nails or beauty.

Beauty schools insist on a professional appearance. I think it is no different for nail professionals. I also agree that a uniform gives a united look to the salon, it brands the salon and it eliminates the need for thought and saves on clothes perhaps being spoiled by a spillage of some kind.

Of course wearing a uniform doesn't automatically make one an expert at their job. There will always be exceptions, but if I had a choice, I would first go to a professional looking salon as opposed to an 'anything goes' type of salon.
I once went to a Beauty Salon for a professional treatment only to be greeted by a Beauty Therapist that looked like she hadnt washed that week and had a white tunic on that looked like she had retrieved it from the bottom of a laundry basket!!!!! :pale: :rolleyes:
It did not make me feel very confident and I didnt go back! :ack:

It doesnt NEED to be crisp white (although for those that do.....great!) I have worn clean crisp whites, I have matched Whites and Navy, I am now sporting a warmer Black tunic with white buttons at the neck and overlocked in white and I team that with black trousers. (its cold in my little ole Beauty Room!)

A big "up" for uniform!
Geeg sawasdee ka

About 4 week ago we have a man come shop the day b4 he come holiday he go salon london have hair color him come speak us can you make new for me please because him have hair color of orange them grow in my auntie garden .

I know them wear uniform for sure but now him happy because him have hair nice a thai girl with denim skirt and t shirt made for him she do good and do professional now him look handsome man not like b4.

Kop khun ka mui ka
Thanks Jacky!. Glad I make sense sometimes eh!!

I must admit the salon I went to were using Creative products and I at the time I didn't know much about Creative. They said that Creative were the best but I went away not entirely convinced because of the 'look' they had.

Fortunately for me I'm terrible for researching so I'm glad to say I am a complete and utter Creative fan now and it hasn't put me off that I had a bad first time with a salon using Creative products :D

It just proves though that even if you are a top notch nail tech,using the best products, if you don't follow through with your appearance then it devalues the service you provide.

I love wearing my 'unform' but i must admit to having a change of heart on the colour after last night...I posted a message earlier on about dying unforms...

I have a fab tunic i love, zip up the middle, fits beautifully with a small mandarin collar. Only problem is, mine is white and the only other colour they do is black. I didn't think black was hugely practical for me due to the dust, and although i do love the style of my white one, has anyone out there tried dying theirs? It is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It feels like thick cotton but i am assuming the poly content ensures it doesn't crease and makes it harder wearing. The colour change was decided last night...

...I was on my way home at about 9.30 last night after a VERY full day doing nails and airbrushing for a dance school, stopped at the fish and chip shop for a takeaway, when a very charming (and good looking!) man told me i looked so tired, to go home and have a nice warm bath and put my feet up - because 'you nurses do a fantastic job' :shock:
I personally do like to wear a uniform and i also get my other 2 techs to wear one.

My uniform at the minute is the black creative sweatshirt and black trousers.

In my opinion first impressions count and when a client walks into the salon i like them to see smart professional people, not 3 people all wearing different outfits, i spent alot of time on the apperance of my salon which i do get alot of nice comments, so the apperance of a nail tech should be just as important

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