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nail pro pinkie

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Aug 28, 2007
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:biggrin::biggrin: I've just been to Sweet Squared at Leeds. and I am Soooooooo giddy!!!!!

I were like a kid in a "sweet shop" (pardon the pun).

They have so much stock and quite a few exciting new bits.

Everyones walking around with a smile on there face! And I got a chance to have a chat with geeg! (hello and thank you again!!)

Good luck Sweet squared!!!!!

OMG I am SOOOOOoooooo jealous! I am nowhere near Leeds :cry:

I am dying to know when all the CND products will be featured on the sweet squared website - you didn't happen to find out did you?
Don't quote me on it !!!!
but I think they said by the end of the month! they're waiting for phone lines etc to be up and running properly first.
So what were the new lines? I'd love to go up to leeds but live too far away.
You are so luck like many I live far to far away to visit but am praying they set up online sales very soon:hug:
I can't wait to have a trip to the shop .. I've missed it its not the same buying things over the phone !!

I guess the new brisa colours are on the shelf now? need them

o0h did they have the christmas lines in yet?
the cnd siteCreative Nail Design - CND - Professional Nail, Hand and Foot Beauty Products lists this years items as blackcurrent and fig scentsations which include a hand/body scrub (sounds yummy scrummy)
also the christmas 'nail style' kits which look cool colours for chrimbo xx

I don't know if they doing the fab gift sets they did last year, does anyone know? they were great value and I've already been asked for them xx
Haha I think Sam was going to call the shop The Sweet Shop. I think it's a brill name, as I'm always like a kid in a sweet shop when I went to any of the OSNS!
oooh me too im jealous, all that lovely stuff to look at and you get to meet geeg , you lucky thing you xxxxxx
Thanks for coming in :)

The web site will be up around the beginning of December and will contain full e-commerce capabilities. As far as new lines, there aren't new lines... just some new additions (i.e. Brisa Bolds) and some items that haven't been in the UK before.

Truly Yours,
Haha I think Sam was going to call the shop The Sweet Shop. I think it's a brill name, as I'm always like a kid in a sweet shop when I went to any of the OSNS!
Loving The Sweet Shop!
OMG!!! How lucky are you!!

I'm too far too so can't wait for the website - gonna start saving now!....The Sweet Shop would be a brill name:lol:
Cool, that's my next monday planned :hug:
are you coming pips ?
I didn't say there were any new lines, just a few bits I'd not seen before, example- nail enamel colours etc etc, as for the brisa colours sorry I didn't really look too closely.
It sounds great! Good luck to all involved but you won't need it I'm sure xxx
Sweets to the sweet is always one that comes to mind...but Candyman is my favourite film atm (has been for many years):lol:
The Sweet shop is a great name :lol: Just cant wait for the website to be running :)
Wohoooooooooooooooo the Sweet Shop is open ............... how cool, I wished I lived just a tad closer......... but hey internet shopping her I come...........

Is there a Pick a Mix section????? LOL........ I love Pick a Mix lol.......................

Life is sweet again for me xxxx
Can we order over phone :?: Bit of a treck for moi... would love to go visit sometime though :!::!:

Lynn x
Do you all really like 'The Sweet Shop'... Sam's been saying it but I thought he was playing and I wasn't sure how I felt about it :irked:

Sassy came up with some choice puns to go with it but I haven't been convinced because it doesn't really say 'nails' but then again does it need to? Only the Nail Pros need to know anyway...I don't like OSNS anymore as I think it sounds a bit tacky :eek:... I guess One Stop Shops are generally 'cheap and cheerful' and I see CND being certainly more than in the 'cheap and cheerful' realm. We are not the most expensive (especailly with many drops in prices) but we certainly are not cheap either and I don't want to be seen as such.

Anyway, I have just read this and you all seem to like 'Sweet Shop' but wasn't sure if it was bit OTT! Any other thoughts good or bad would be appreciated! :hug:
I love The Sweet Shop.

I am also loving the look of the Blackcurrant and Fig Scentsations/minis and Scrub please tell me you will be getting those in xx
oooo the sweet shop has a fab ring to it
"the sweet shop" "The sweet shop" ..... yeah Im liking it
And it does have a few meanings too which is always good,
"The Creative Sweet store"
Lol ignore me, im typing out loud hahahaha
I like it Samantha

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