Thinking of you Peterpan


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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Peterpan aka G is going into hospital tomorrow so lets wish her luck:)

hope everything goes well G and your soon back home and well for christmas:hug:
Ditto that, hope it all goes well :hug::hug::hug:
Good luck Glynis, hope it all goes well and you will be on top form real soon.....
love Ruth xxx
Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly xx:hug:
Good luck G.
Speedy recovery.:hug:
thinking of you G, hope your soon feeling much better hun

take care xxxxx
Thinking of you today hun, hope all goes well & your soon well & happy.
Take care xxxx:hug:
Hope all goes well today, wishing you a speedy recovery xx:hug:
Hope all goes well today G, thinking of you xxx
hope everything goes well hun and am thinking of you xxx
Good luck G x x x
goodluck mate.. keep us informed on how you are and whats going on..
best wishes..
Best wishes hun! :hug:
Everything will go well....and you will be back drinking voddy and calling me names before you know it lol....
I can't wait :green:

seriously though babe,...I'm thinking of you today...and can't wait to see you back here :hug::hug::hug:
:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: G xxxx
hi good luck hope everything is ok and you are fit and helthy for christmas. best wishes gemma.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery in time to enjoy some Christmas tipples xxx
:hug: good luck chick hope it all goes ok xx
Wishing you a speedy recovery and take care.


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