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Jul 10, 2006
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Horsham West Sussex
As some of you may know Teri has had to go into B&B until proper housing is found for her and her family.

She was originally put in a nice place ( all chandeliers and marble bathrooms )

I have heard from her again and she has been mover to a place that is really awful, very smelly and totally unsafe - it sounds terrible. :sad: She has a meeting with her MP on Wednesday who has advised her to take photos.

Lets hope there is better news soon
Arghh thats awful. When you speak to her again, please send her my love and I have my fingers crossed for a quick swift move onto something nicer and better because she deserves it.

:sad: Oh no, thinking of you Teri, keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
hope things improve soonxxx
i hope you get something sorted very soon Teri, thinking of you and your family xx xx
Poor thing, I hope her MP gets it sorted quickly.
MPs are usually very good in these situations so hopefully they will get it all sorted and fingers crossed find Teri some nice accommodation
keep your chin up Teri we are all thinking of you :Love:
oh god that is terrible i hope she sorts it out soon she must be really low at the moment, please tell i am thinking of her and wishing her and her family all the best xx
Poor Teri ... what a nightmare!

Here's hoping that her local MP can put a rocket up the you-know-what of whoever's job it is to re-locate Teri to better accommodation and PDQ.

Lots of hugs to her in the meantime :hug::hug:
I just feel terrible that we cant do more for her!

Shame there is too many miles between us all - I would definately give her and her family my 2 spare bedrooms. x x x :hug:
Its so frustrating not being able to help out.
Please tell her I am thinking off her and the family I am also keeping my fingers crossed she gets out of there very soon:Love:
What awful news for Teri and her family get her mp's e-mail and we can start a petion to get Teri into a decent home :D
This is awful news, poor Teri, I hope she gets things sorted :hug:
Tell her to stay poositive and not to get consumed by negativity. She will be in my prayers. send her lots of :hug::hug::hug:
J K Rowlings [ Harry Potter ] was in a similar situation then came Harry.....:wink2:

Hugs Teri & family -I'm sure you're all destined for bigger & better things, this is just a brief stop over.

:Love: J :Love:
Oh bloody 'ell as if Teri hasn't got enough to cope with!!!!:sad:

I really hope to god she gets sorted out soon.
Send her love and best wishes to her and her family,

And thanks for the update! Keep us posted, yeh?
:sad: thats not ood hope something is done from her MP.
Thinking of you Teri:Love:
Heard from Teri again, she has been moved again and is now in a place full of fleas !!!!!!!!!
Can this situation get any worse ?????????
Why are they constantly moving her? Her poor children. The whole thing is outrageous and something you'd expect from a third world country. They'd treat a stray dog better in a dog's home ... at least there would be no fleas!!! Please send Teri a big hug from me and I hope her MP can get something positive done asap.
Another msg from Teri.
Her MP is not allowed to go and see her because she is in Eastbourne not Brighton (not her choice)
Her MP is getting a Police report on this place - says it all really :eek:

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