Who wants to see my Thanksgiving Mess?


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Aug 16, 2005
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Washington, Illinois USA
Thanksgiving was last week and I made Maple Walnut Whipped Sweet Potato. My food processer EXPLODED!! So here's my big mess.

At least the dog liked them!

My entire kitchen was COVERED! It even made it into the dining room and down the stairs to the basement!! Thank goodness I wasn't having the ffamily at my house. It took 3 day to find all the sweet potato.
hope your doggie liked it...poor you x
Oh how awful I wouldnt like to clean all that mess up !!!!

Hope the dog liked sweet potato

Jeeze....that's the kind of luck I have too!!

Dog seemed happy at the thought of all the yummy stuff to lick up!!!!:lol:
omg im sorry for laughing hun, but this happened to my mum when i was about 12, the pressure cooker exploded with carrot n turnip in it, it was everywhere, walls, floor, ceiling, living room? the dog was made up, but years later whn she got a new cooker, we found more of it welded to the wall behind the fridge pmsl

hope you got it all cleaned up babes xxxx
Wow !!!!!

your dog is just adorable. I am looking into getting a Sharpi from a breeder but they can have lots of problems.

How has your's been
LOL....:hug:....that's the sort of thing that happens to me .......at leased the dog got some thanksgiving goodness too !:)
Nightmare lol :lol:

Sounds yummy though, wouldn't have minded trying it myself!
poor you having to clean all that up....thank god none of this hit you or your hubby or even your doggy.....

OMG sorry but that looked so funny!

We had a coffee pot explode one Christmas morning which required total redecoration of the kitchen.:rolleyes:
Wow !!!!!

your dog is just adorable. I am looking into getting a Sharpi from a breeder but they can have lots of problems.

How has your's been

He is a pretty good dog. But you have to watch out for bad breeders. Things that the breeders do when they are pups can stay with them forever. I have had a problem with him being posessive, not too good with babies. He's almost 10 years old so he doesn't have much time left, so I put up with it. They don't do well with new owners if you have had them a long time. They have skin issues, they're smelly, his hair falls out if you don't use the right shampoo... All kinds of rotten stuff but we love him!


Now I don't feel so bad falling behind in my housekeeping:lol:

Thanks for sharing! Needed that to start my day:green:
:eek::eek: Good lord!

I bet that took you a while to clear up .... even if you did have an assistant (of the four-legged variety)!
What? What am I looking at?
Nothing out of the ordinary there?
Looks like an average day in my kitchen to me! :lol:
OMG you poor thing,how long did that take you to cleanup?!! With a little help from your dog it wouldnt have been that bad!!
looks like my kitchen every time i start to cook lol hope you had a good thanks giving after that

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