birthday cake for electrician friend


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Feb 29, 2004
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well here it is. he doesnt know anything about it, and his partner is having a party for him tomorrow night. I hope he likes it. the cake itself is chocolate, filled with chocolate fudge buttercream and fresh strawberries, then a very thin layer of chocolate fudge over the whole cake (guess you realised he likes chocolate lol) then decorated as in the picture


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This is fab yet again. just like the other that you have posted a pic of. :hug:

I want it to be my birthday just so I can ask you to make a lovely cake for me!!!!!!!:hug::hug:
That's fab Glynnis :!:
What an amazing talent!!! If you don't already, you really should do that for a living and charge accordingly. Better still, write a book. xxx
They are great cakes Glynis, I agree and you should make this a profitable hobby!! You'd earn a fortune!! xx

I agree with the others too, you could earn your pocket a few pennies with cakes like these :hug:
Truly amazing ... another string to add to your bow Glynis :)
The cake is fab, I'm sure he will love it, especially as it's all chocolate.

Is there no end to your talent G. :)
G that is fantastic your cakes are one of a kind :hug: Get charging now :)
A woman of many talents.... get plenty of pics and build a portfolio... you should definitely be charging for such workmanship.

I like the quirkiness of this decoration ..... well done Glynis :hug:
That is just brill yet again, where the hell do you get all the ideas from ???

Move to Canada so you can do my daughter's bday cakes too!!!
That is fantastic Glynis, you are so talented.:hug:

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