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Jun 30, 2005
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Seattle, WA USA
Hey yo wassup all. ;)

I don't like to post art work and the like very often, but am all a flutter after doing some creating tonight for an article in NAILS magazine, and thought I would share my mini-gallery. I had 3 themes to work with: embossed, eyelet, and text messaging.

So here is the official showing, cheese and wine will be served afterwards....



I am frequently inspired by work I see done by other geeks, so I thought I would take a turn since I was already at it... ;)
Fantastic work!
The yellow one is my favourite, I think I'll do my nails like that the next time, if you don't mind! fantastic are they....yellow one is my on earth did you do that??????......i want your talent...they are execllent hun very well done xxxx
Wow I love the yellow one.
Great ideas!

BKY :)
Superdedooper !!!! as my daughter would say.

Love the leaf design, thats my fave !!!!

What a star
Thanks guys! The yellow one is my favorite too actually- I drilled three holes in the nail, then snapped various colored eyelet hooks into the holes after painting it "Hot Pop Yellow", then after it was dry I ran a ribbon through it! I put a dot of topcoat on the knots so that they wouldn't loosen. The leaf is a real leaf! It's a treated leave dipped in copper- I cut it to fit the nail, and when the polish was tacky, just "smushed" it on. No topcoat on it, I wanted it to stay textured. The "alligator" nail is a layer of red enamel, then a layer of black, when it was tacky I took a corner of a plastic bag and drew lines by pressing- no top coat on this one either for texture. All others were just hand painted, except for the one with the embroidery iron-ons glued to the nail.

Glad you are enjoying it! I have paint all over my hands this morning, and topcoat, and some glue... lol. It was fun though ;)
I love the alligator one, i have some shoes and a bag that would go with that just perfectly lol
HAHA! I modeled it after a pair of my shoes and one of my handbags LOL!!!

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