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Oct 7, 2005
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Sometimes in life there are things that you can count on.
Men usually don't figure in this equation:lol:
But male geeks read are ok honestly. Well, we'll have to let Sam read it I suppose eh?
Geeking you can count me anyhow.
I joined this site a complete novice with no idea about how to learn this profession. Big ideas...little knowledge.
I like to think that I have lived a lot and learnt a lot from the site and the people that have helped me so far.
I don't know it all...far from it...but I do feel that I'm getting there.
I also have to admit that I have got to know MANY people through the site and made many good mates.
Sometimes the site seems a little bit sad because some of us have problems at home etc and we share those problems and can deal with them a little better. Sometimes some of us can be a little bit sharp with our replies...bad being naughty....stressing out.
Sometimes we get a little bit tipsy and do daft stuff on MSN....not me I hasten to add,but have laughed so much at the geeks that do and are willing to share.:hug:

I like geeking. I can have a stressful life but KNOW I can come here and have some fun with likeminded people.............

So why do YOU like geeking?

And has it REALLY helped you in this, your chosen career?
Firstly, geeking has helped me with my technique, big time. And that is the main reason I come here. So I am always, always given such a good feeling about how strangers take the time to share and reply. I think we do it out of goodness but also out of passion for what we do and knowing we can help someone else do it well too.

I feel like geeking is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Something I like to do as a break, and something I too count on. I try to do it everyday and if I miss it, I want to catch up on all the threads I missed.

Now more and more, I have started to feel like I know some people on the site and that's pretty neat, especially as I feel a bit removed from things being over in Canada. It is a bit disturbing when things get personal, though. That's when it's good to remember why we're here - to learn and share.

I really do love it here! Great thread Judy!
i love to geek because i find working alone can be very isolating.
it is so nice to be in an environment where you have something in common with others. to share our successes and get support when things are not going so well. its nice to have someone who understands:hug:
i love to geek because i find working alone can be very isolating.
it is so nice to be in an environment where you have something in common with others. to share our successes and get support when things are not going so well. its nice to hae someone who understands:hug:

Couldn't have put it better myself. I work from home and that can be, as you say, isolating. Thank goodness I found this site. I wish I'd had the internet before, in the early days this would have been an absolute Godsend, not that it isn't anyway, but I couldn't ironed out my problems much quicker methinks. Still do have the occasional prob and it's so good to know there's so much help on hand and you can rely on so many kind hearted techs out there. I try to give back as much as I can by helping others too. It's a great site :hug:
Generally speaking I have made many friends on the site and met many of them in person,I find there is a wealth of information to be found and I love helping others when I can.

Sometimes I get very lonely and when I log on to the site I dont feel as alone which is nice.

I have picked up many tips and really value peoples input.:hug:
This site has been invaluable to me.Especially as i work on my own.
Firstly educating me at the very beginning as i was one of the ignorant that believed enhancements ruined everyones nails.
Its kept me up to date with new ideas, techniques and tips in the beauty world that you don't get from reading the trade mags which i used to rely on.
It makes me laugh,sometimes feel sad and sometimes angry.
I geek on and off a lot of the day in between clients and housewifey things as the computers always on at hand and in the evening i never seem to be quick enough to get the tv remote.:)
I geek continually and have learned so much from this site.

I have a successful business now because of the help, support and advice I have gained here.

I have many geeks I consider friends and have met a few of them in person and they were every bit as lovely as I thought :hug:
I love Geeking. My husband even refers to it as Geeking too now!

I initially found the site because I wanted to find other people who were as passionate about the industry as I was, and who wouldn't think I was a mad but boring person like my real life friends!!:lol::lol:

I can talk about things here that no one in RL gets.

You understand me.:hug:

I have learnt so, so much from everyone, things I didn't even know that I didn't know!:eek::lol:

I know that I can come here with a question and someone will know the answer and also offer understanding and share their experiences!

What can i say.... I love you all.:Love::Love::Love::Love:
I love that we have people on here who give there time and knowledge for free...who ask for nothing in return.

I love thats its real, with real people and real emotions.
i geek daily!!
i work alone too, and it feels like a mahooosive salon that we all work in!!!!!( geek)
ive met some great friends on here, and i really dont know what i would do if it were no more??? eek

great thread judy xx( need to spread the luuurve)
Because my husband has decided he wants to do Relexology when he retires from the policeforce (he has passed his anatomy and physiology and is doing Reflexology now) he has now become interested in this site.He used to think i was a bit of a saddo and chatting about make-up:).He finds it amazing that i can ask a question and get an answer almost straight away...What a helpline.
I do love geeking,
When we have quiet times I'm gutted lol,
I have quiet times myself and just like to sit and read and not open my gob...but you all keep me sane during these times,

I have gained more from this site than I could ever have possibly imagined you could gain from a website,
Knowledge I never even dreamed that there was, and loads of friends I love to bits,

I have recieved knowledge , friends, hope, inspiration, dreams, laugh's, challenges, and pride in what I do....god plus a million other things,

I love coming on here and reading a juicey piece of information, I love reading the blogs and seeing what everyones up to,
I love sharing some nails I have done with you all, As I either recieve help on improving or a pat on the back, that leaves me smiling for the rest of the day.

I love that there is a huge bunch of people on here, that like me get really excited at the link to a beautiful glitter, or a nice sharp pointy brush with a sexy handle for 35 pounds and you dont think its :eek: shocking lol,

I love helping people where I can, usually because somewhere along the line, that information has been passed on to me, and I'm spreading the lurve..

I think I had actually forgotten for a while how much I actually do appreciate all of the people who make this site what it is ....a big huge geeky network :hug:
I think I need to get of my bum, and post a bit more instead of sitting nodding at the screen lol ,
What makes a good forum ???? People and thats what I love about the site the people :hug: I have had so much love and support from people who I have never met, I aint perfect but I am loyal and will always be loyal to this site because for me it opened up a whole new box of mates and I have laughed, Cried, Shouted and cursed on here but I have always felt I belonged and that is why I love it so much. The knowledge, the education, the people who give their time freely to help others and the passion on here is something I have seen on no other forum.
There are good days and bad ups and downs but when it comes to summing it up we are all geeks and we will always have shared that bond.
Well Judy i read this thread this morning and decided to go away and have a think.. and realised thats why i love this joint.. it gets the old grey matter working.. and when its not working.. (the grey matter) i can just have a giggle instead...

as with alot of geeks on here.. i work alone.. and quite like a zombie i was going through the motions of tip overlay.. i am not sure how long i would have lasted.. the creative side of me was getting quite fed up.. even with coloured tips.. lol!

I have met some great people here.. people i consider friends.. and a nugget of a plan is entering my head.. to one day.. visit my new friends.. I never had a plan like this before.. I have gone on holidays by myself before.. but the thought of going to another country alone.. well untill i met geeks i never would have felt comfortable enough..

so there are two things i love.. the information that is shared free'ly and the wonderful people who share it..

I once had a run in with a geek.. two completely different opinions collided in public fashion.. this geek is now one of the people i intend on visiting.. (look out wae bonny scots lad's) the fact we will not always agree is human nature.. the ability to move on and not hold a grudge is what makes a human i like to know!
I love geeking because has bettered me.
It has given knowledge to my passion, and has allowed me to share what I have learnt with others.
Know matter how much we learn there is always more. Here we share knowledge from all levels. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, or have been in the industry for years, there's something here for everybody.

There are some really special geeks about too. Whenever somebody is going through a hard time they have the support of lots of geeks.
Now that's something special.
Now I'm not a one for flowery stuff - Its just great:)
Well - firstly, I wo7uld not own my own beauty business if it wasnt for the support I have received on this site but most importantly:

I have made so many great friends from this site that I know all of which have helped in making me the better person I am today. :hug:
I geek all morn at work... I get in at 7am log on, n am on till 12:30 when i leave. I know i should be sorting some oldies Pension Credit out but i so much prefer been on here!
When i get in on a night after all my appointments i come on aswell! My boyfriend calls me a Geek... hahaha! It does cause probs some times cos i can be on 2hrs and it feels only like 2mins. I think i am gonna have to keep my geeking to when i am at work or am gonna be single! :eek:

I have learned loads and loads from this site, about clients, website, products, every thing! I dont know how some newbies to the industry cope with out all the info i have gettin from here!

One thing i can say tho because of all your help it has give me the confidence to jump into things with two feet! I am doing better than some of the mobile techs in the area, even the ones that have been around for years! And its all down to all the help and support i have getting form this site

I have learned a new thing ever day by reading ppls threads

I love it.... :green:

I love it, like loads of others i have been a regular member (or pain in the butt pmsl) on here scince 2003.......if i didnt love it so much i would have "done one " ages ago.....i have learnt so much about myself on here and about other people, and the kindemess shown by true pro's is just amazing and well...................just love it.
i geek daily!!
i work alone too, and it feels like a mahooosive salon that we all work in!!!!!( geek)
ive met some great friends on here, and i really dont know what i would do if it were no more??? eek

great thread judy xx( need to spread the luuurve)

feel the same, great to be able to share work with like minded people, I think we all give each other support when things aren't going to well and a massive pat on the back when things are ... ummm just like being friends:hug:

the site really helped me with my career, gave me a new enthusiasm and passion to improve and aim higher xx

I've even told hubby geeking IS work and he now has just given in arguing:lol:

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