I know your gonna be sick of them, but here's tonight's PopIts pics lol


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Sep 14, 2005
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here's my pic's from tonight's play.....I promise not to upload pics on a daily basis hahaha :green:

glitters done using popits....no filing or buffing....flowers etc..added after removal of the form ..

you can see apex on this one....middle one looks big..but it isn't its shadow x



I have my first real live guinea pig tomorrow yay .....

pics are MASSIVE LOL ....so you can get a real good look....please remember too...this is only my second go at them xxxx

god them flower's look pant's that close up hahaha
wow! they look fantastic! i'd love to produce a set of these one day!

think i need to work on my regular l&p application first tho........having no one to practise on doesn't help though!!!
they look gorgeous.i love the pink glitter can i ask what you used? i cant wait to try these popits.thanks for the pictures.
The gold is uptown girl by nail graphix (our own fiona sells those)
and the pink I am abserlotuly sure is just a mix i made from the nsi technail kit...fushia pink / white and a little opal shimmer..

I litrally grabbed two colours out of my case and thought ahhh they'll do for a practice...did one nail...loved it so did the set lol//

I only timed 3 nails..and it took me 8 minutes too apply 3 nails using the popits thats start to finish of application (not including prep...which only took a few mins too though xxx)

I have had a little seepage due to putting too much product in the dual form...and also missed the corners off 2 of the tips ,(i think i slipped lol )

and also had heat spike on one nail...it actually got HOT to touch..
again all of these problems are down to MY application and mix ratio being wrong....
all things I will need to practice on,

I am telling you this to prove its not bingo perfect for anyone first time...you do still need practice ..and boy oh boy I will do hahaha :green:
Well Ems I am so impressed with those :) I want pop its nowwwwwwwwwwwww

Well done they look pretty good even if you are picking faults in your work. I have just soaked mine off for demo tomorow so when I get home I can get practising. Can`t wait.
I actually cannot stop looking at them lol,
I have had nice nails on before....but they have always taken me hours and hours to do...like mabey 4 hours
so Im kinda bored of them and resent them by the time im done haha...

But these took hardly any amount of time whasoever and are GORGEOUS to look at, perfect form..and the line of light ..you just cant stop looking at it lmao ....very comfy and very strong.

I soooo want a room full of popits hahahaha :green:
They look really pretty and your flowers are fab. I love glitter and will be so pleased to be able to be more creative with my own nails instead of having to think, will I be able to do the same creation on my right hand! I'm glad you have put some pics on its good to see them actually finished. I still find it fascinating how you get the smile lines placed correctly and even tapering the free edge to keep it nice and thin must be a little tricky. You have done a brilliant job especially as you have only just started using them. :green:
Beautiful Ems, and seeing as this is only your second go using Poppits! I cant wait to get my hands on some! xxxxxx
Just to ask, do you get heat spike with l & P due to the mix being too wet? Also if this occurs is there anything that can be done about it? ie putting the finger in cool water or something?

Fabbo nails by the way, makes me want to do an allover glitter now, they're gorgeous, you've got a real eye for putting colours together x x x
Wow you have been busy Ems!! :) They are beautyiful.

My box of Popits arrived today but I have to wait until tomorrow to play.:rolleyes: Can't wait.
Wow Ems They look brilliant, wouldnt mind a set of those myself!:)
Love your flowers too, i cant seem to get the hang of these ones:irked:
Jen xx
they are blooody brill hun , i saw gigis demo today and was blown away , got me a box had a play on 2 nails but they are a lot trickier to se than she makes it look , lol
needs a serious play with mine , but you have done fab hun (as always ) :green:
I did get heat spike on one nail...it got really hot...
I just waited for it to pass..only lasts a few seconds.

It does look easier than it is ..
I have done a set today over white glitter tips...and it took me ......2 and a half hours hahhahaha

But I had missed some corners off the tips...and on 3 nails had air bubbles and crystalising...
so had to repair those ones.....
all problems that will fixed with practise im sure ..
the timings ,...a lot of that was my prep and applying the glitter ect.....
Im doing another set in a bit...so lets see if i improve .

OOOH a good tip too......these are reusable.....but for obvious reasons .its not a good idea to reuse them on different clients hygine etc....\

So size up your clients popits......and then put them in a envelope with their name on after service (and cleaning ) ..for next time :green:

waste not want not..lol..
If like me you dont have many clients...and you dont charge very much due to area etc....every penny counts...if savings can be made..then make them

omg they are gorgeous......i love them and your designs are amazing huni ....execllent work positive....postive .....positive ....thats all the words i have to say xxx
I think they are gorgeous, but then everytime I saw anything you did I thought the same! Are you going to try some embedded nail art? Will that work with these? :hug:
Very nice Ems, love the colours xxxxx
here's my pic's from tonight's play.....I promise not to upload pics on a daily basis

Awwwwwww, why not. We want to see!!!!!!!
Can you post a pic of a popit. I can't get how the edge of it works.

Thanks for all your posts!
Well done Emms - they just get better

I did a set of PopIts on myself today - mostly NNOs but had to put a natural tip on two nails as they were shorter than I liked. Was please overall as they took me less than an hour for the whole lot.

Ok - just a few questions Emms - I too on two nails did get some air bubbles and crystalizing - why did this happen do you think? Not really used L&P a great deal so I presumed it was down to my mix ratio.

I polished over them as I was really pleased with the overall shape so I polished over them and added some glitter top coat and diamontes and I love them.

Just want to suss out the air bubbles and crystalizing and I am ready to go!
:cry: I have been sat trying my popits out for 2 hours now after watching gigi today demonstrate her fab talents as usual. But my popits are the pits right now. There poping here then and everywhere. Ive got air bubbles, no shiney finish,and cant seem to get the right amount of L & P on the popit. And wait for this one, I think Im using them the wrong way round. Now come on girls is there only me in this nail world thats struggling. I was so excited this afternooon, now im not so sure.:confused::cry:

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