im scared


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Feb 29, 2004
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i got my op on thursday and i could actually lose my bladder - i now scared about it - i was all blase about it - but not now - i got visions of a bag strapped to me leg for the rest of my life - i know im being stupid over this - and the dreams dont help - but its just so scary - when all i did in the first place was to get my bladder fixed to stop wetting meself
Oh hun, have you spoke to your dr about how you are feeling cos he may be able to give you something to stay calm.
I would be the same and i panic and have bad dreams.
I'm sure everything will be fine hun. Where you having your op? :hug:
You'll be fine.......don't panic. Just don't agree to anything without thinking it
G its is understandable that you will be scared hun :hug: Just try and keep busy tomorrow xxxxxxxxxx
Just want to say I'm thinking of you G hun, and sending massive :hug:'s and positive thoughts xxxxx
You'll be fine.......don't panic. Just don't agree to anything without thinking it

thats what the first surgeon said - and its HIS fault that im in this mess now hun
I hope everything goes alright for you hun and that you have a quick recovery.:hug:
:hug::hug::hug: for you Glynis.
Glynis I know it isn't easy but try not to dwell to much on the negatives of the op and look to how much easier and pain free it is going to make you:hug:
I am sending my love to you and will be thinking of you tomorrow :hug::hug:
I dont have words of wisdom but lots of :hug::hug::hug: for you............
I know its hard by try to stay positive, and, I agree with the other geeks, talk to your GP and tell him how frightened you are, hopefully he/she will be able to reassure you.

Big Hugs :hug:

best of luck babe...:hug: x
on top of everything else I'm not surprised you're scared and finding it hard to stay positive, we're all here for you hun and I'm sure you know by now that if you need anything from any of us, including jump in the car and arrive at your doorstep, just ask:hug::hug:
oh you poor thing, i dont know what to say to comfort you.
i just want to wish you lots of love and luck.

hope you feel great by christmas:hug:
oh hun, i know how hard it is not to worry even when you are told over and over to try notto worry, im sure everything will be fine and im thinking of you:hug:, please try to find time to chill and do something to occupy your mind (design some christmas nails etc) heres a massive hug for you:hug::hug:
thats what the first surgeon said - and its HIS fault that im in this mess now hun
That's why I said 'Don't go ahead with anything without thinking it through'. Check out the doc before you go ahead. x
good luck huni....were here if you need us xxx:hug::hug::hug:
Have you done any research on what the procedure involves? I have found that if you know a bit more about it, then it's easier to make an informed choice, and it's not all new information that the doctor is giving you.

Sometimes, you can't take it all in when you are stressed about the surgery and just being asked to sign consent forms.

Think positive, from reading your posts it is clear you are a strong woman, and you can get through this. :hug:

sugar xx
im a real baby when it comes to hospitals.the last time i was in they gave me something to calm me down and it worked a treat.before that i was having panick attacks! so if they can give you something then take doesnt make you feel funny it just makes you feel happy.its great.
im sure everything will be fine as some geeks have already said get some more info about the op and make sure you tell the doctors/nurses that you are nervous they will do everything they can to help you.just remember its only natural to feel nervous so dont be embaressed by it,doing this thread was a great idea as it will make you feel better just by knowing your not alone and that we're all thinking about you.
good luck,i hope it all goes well for you.:hug:
Blimey Glynis...... I don't read the blogs etc so am never aware of what is going on in geeks 'real' lives, but have obviously seen the few threads you have put in the forums lately.

:hug: Your not having a very good time are you hun :hug:

I want to wish you luck, we will all be thinking of you - you'll be wrapped in blue from head to toe.

And I also have to say that given all that is going on, I am so impressed you are still 'smoke free'....... coz I'd be puffing my head off by now! :lol:


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