My first set of Embedded Mylar PIC


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Nov 16, 2007
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi All

This is my first post on this forum and I thought I'd jump in the deep end and post a pic of my nails as they are currently. This is my first attempt at imbedding mylar so any feedback is welcome.


I love this site, you girls do some amazing work!!!!

Welcome to the site! They are very pretty. Are they L&P or gel nails?
Hi Min, These nails are L&P.

your nails look gr8, they're really fresh looking.
welcome to the site, i'm sure you'll love it
Beautiful shape and very pretty well done
wow they are lovely and colourful good job xxxx:green:xxxx
Wow! I love these and the length is just perfect!

First post with a pic...YOU GO!! Welcome to the site!!
They look great, love the colors they look so bright.
welcome fellow aussie geek.. loving your work!!
Thank you all for your replies and welcomes. It's very encouraging!

Hi there. I'll repeat what I said on the other site:). Those are some fab nails.
:hug: WOW !!!

Do they ever look awesome!!

Thanks for sharing with us!!

P.S. Welcome to the site

welcome to the site. nice nails very colourful.
lovely nails,they look really sweet.great job with the mylar.
welcome to the site
They look lovely ... welcome to the site btw :hug:
you go hun....they look fab....welcome to the site....your right...its fab!!xx
Hiya and welcome ...:hug:

I hope you enjoy your time here...and how good are you posting a pic so soon...:lol:

I love what you have done....I think those are very wearable nails and look so pretty...can't wait to see more pics from you...

Welcome to the site.

Love your nails, look gorgeous. xxx
They are very nice! I love the colours!
Welcome to the site!!
They are really pretty - I love all the colours, it's a real change to see these.

I've never used mylar...where did you get it and did you mix it all together or did it come multi-coloured?

Welcome btw!

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