My new tooth paste nails


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May 12, 2006
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I have just received the new Brisa Neutral pink opaque and some glitter from LeChat, so I came up with this. I don't really know what I think about it. Might be a bit too 80's for my taste. What do you think? I do love the opaque pink even though it's a bit pale. Next time I will try the warm one

Ohh I the first picture it looks like the line of light is way off, but the picture is taken under a lamp with 5 arms/bulbs, so that is why there arev 5 dots instead of a line :lol:


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I love them, I'd have a set of them,
Cool hun
I'd wear those for sure. I wish I had a cover pink, that one is quite pale but I like it :hug:
ooohhh...they are soooo fresh and they are blinking gorgeous xxxx:hug:
they are ace!!!!:D
Very eye catching!
I think they are great, i love the colours.

I'd have a set..
Goodness! I adore these. Could you give us a run through of how you did these? especially with gel, its not often easy. Well done! xx
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i really like these.i think the pink is a gorgeous colour and i love the design your nails look absolutely fabulous:lol:
wow i want a set
Really nice! You should also try the Brisa cool pink semi sheer... I just love it!
Beautiful! x x x x

I would love a set of those.
i would wear them they are gorge !!!! well done
Lovely! - my kind of nail!
very nice, I'd wear them:hug:
they look beautiful. and they really sparkle.:green:
It is actually a rebalance. I made them realle thin. Then a mixed LeChat(I think) Blue topas glitter with clear brisa and made like a triangel in one corner and draged one side over the smile line making it thinner and thinner. Then cured. made a thin line of Brisa in a curvey line...cured and the rest with silver and make apex with the pink...cured. Then covered it all with clear, filed and gloss. Actually very simple, but a lot of curing.
Very nice. You know when I read the title I thought you'd done a set using toothpaste:lol:

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