Pics of my nails (as reqested lol )


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Sep 14, 2005
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Here are the nails I have somehow been walking round with all week :eek:
I dont even know How I managed !

They are ..
A custom blend mix to extend nail bed,
Then on the free edge a combination of
Graphix rhinestone cowboy mixed with black powder (big hit with clients this too btw)
A blue glitter with little silver bits in that I have NO idea who made it !
I added the blue randomly onto the black,
Then also randomly placed silver bullion beads,
on the thumb and ring finger I carried the design onto the nail bed slightly,
then encased all with pink l+p
A few days later I thought ooooh Im a bit bored of these you do #!!! lol

So covered them in little white flowers etc..white and the purple one from the carnival collection (anybody know the name feel free to add it please xxx)

These are sculputured btw xx
I still have them on now, although I have cut off the pointy ends lol, and rounded them off...
Hoping to completely remove them any idea's of what next ????

I'll tell you what, I have had my hand grabbed sooooo many times and people do this oooommmgggg :eek: WOW !!
Then comes "How do you cope with them" lol

A few clients surprisingly said..;"if they could, they would wear them too"

I thought everyone would think they were minging lol..

ooops forgot to put the pics in hahaha
They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How fast can you get on a plain for June?:lol: (ok, maybe you wouldn't be able to get me to go pointy, you would have to do the dreaded square BUT the design.. I LOVE it!)

I really love what you've done.

Now, I have to ask...

HOW ONE EARTH do you put make-up on without taking out an eye?
Or when you visit the loo?

Great job! You have much to be proud of:!:
I dont wear make up :green:
But the morning after I did them..I did wake up and go to rub my eye..and poked myself right in the delicate skin in the corner of my eye :eek:
I didnt forget about them once after that lol
Emms - you never fail to amaze me what you can achieve with your nails.

They are bloody beautiful! Do they look so good on your wrong hand too?

Very long... but lush!!

I agree with the loo bit tho... how on earth do you go??

Emms - you never fail to amaze me what you can achieve with your nails.

They are bloody beautiful! Do they look so good on your wrong hand too?
I'm not that clever lmao...I didnt do the other hand :lol:
I have natural short rounded tips on those opposite to these ones,

I originally did them on the saturday to take some GOOD pictures for my website...then couldnt find the batteries for the camera, so had to keep them on untill the tuesday when I could buy batteries by then I had done the flowers too,
Got the batteries and cant find the charger to charge them lol...
So I still don't have a GOOD picturen lmao and now i am ready to take them off. :rolleyes:

As for length..I don't know but they havent actually been that hard to manage with y'know,
Obviously had to alter the way I have done somethings like typing ggrrrrr,
But I still manged to do and de nit the kids...and everything I normally would.

But I do only have one hand done, so it would probably be a different story if i had both done,
Funny thing is ,
While wearing these and not breaking them or banging them or anything,
I caught one of my short natural look nails in the door the other day and OMG the paaaiiinnn,
they are fab hun, god you really do have a talent for putting designs together :green:, but i dont know how you have not done serious damage with them points :lol:
what a talent you have. They are lovely xx
fabulous emma!!!
i prefer them before the flowers were on!!( even though they are great!)

please tell me the mix for the cutom blend please!!
they are amazing !

i wish i could wear them that long but with building lego sets everyday and and doing facials i'd be in a right pickle.:lol:

i would love to see them in real life i bet they look even better....uhmm i wonder how soon i can get to cheshire :)

well done emmsy x
omg they are amazing ems, im on my way to cheshire hun, be with you by 3pm lolol

seriously your talent never cease to amaze me chick

they are amazing

you should be well proud
Star and nothing Less.

Well done Emma ab fab I love looking at you work:hug:
wow - fantastic job emma!! you are an inspiration - your work has come ontremendously in such a short space of time - thats dedication for you xx
Totally stunning, love the flowers elthough did prefer the nails pre-flowers!

I wish I could do things like this on my boys, just one finger while they sleep, that would soon stop them picking their noses :lol:
Ems they look amazing!! :green:

You truly are talented, wish I could create nails like those!

I always love looking at your work, you have inspired me hun............

*Grabs her kit from the salon and does a runner!!*
they are truely amazing ems....

what a talent you have .....
fantastic hun...xxxxxxx
Gorgeous nails Emms ... you could do some serious damage with those though couldn't you?! :eek::lol:
Hi Hun,
Just "Wicked" I love those nails, hope one day...............I may be able to do some like those, you are very talented. you give us all inspiration. lol x
they look amazing.if im able to do nails as good as you one day then i would definately feel that i had achieved my are very talented:)

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