Uniforms hot stuff or naff


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Uniform naff or hot stuff

  • Yep a must for a professional look

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  • Nope not for me

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  • Uniform is only for soldiers

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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Thought about a new Topic. :idea:

The importance of your appearance at work. 8)
What do you all wear for work :?:

We work in a Salon so to us this is important. :!: :!: :!:

We wear white T-shirt's, white trousers , little white zipper hooded jackets, not beautician stuff but clean and crisp looking. :thumbsup:
We have our Logo on the Back of our little white Jackets, hey you never know who is watching your back.
I feel it gives over the message, I am a professional :huh: and I know my stuff :sunny:
Ok over to you all
love Ruth xxxx

I think that our uniforms are WELL COOL............ :!: :idea:
We have had uniforms in the past but in the summer the shop got hot (with 5 sunbeds going at once :( it was HOT) So we slipped slighty into a habit of wearing comfy clobber that looked smart.
As i have to wear trainers (for medical reasons :( honest) all the other uniforms looked out of place slightly, also i was getting fed up of being called a dental nurse, care assisant , to name a few. So when we was out shopping we came up with the :idea: of getting nice white trousers that look good for work or if we was going out on the town,(not that i do :D ),also to be able to print some funky lettering ourselves to put on the front and back was a fantastic :idea: . So we wear white trousers combat style or our white flair bottom trousers with a small white top or fitted t-shirt , jumpers and white zip up jackets. We look professional but at the same time it puts our cliets at ease, they see us as a friendly and professional working team and they know who we are and wat we do because it says it all in the name :D . Most of my clients come in for a chat and to let of steam, aswell as getting there nails done.
Anyway i will stop waffeling on.
love faye xx (ruths off spring i think :D )
I wear capris, a tank top and a button down shirt left open every day. In my closet I have 50 buttoned tops..seriously..I counted. Several in every color, style, cut, with sleeves,without. See my profile pic... And my husband thinks I am cracked because I buy so many tank tops. I cannot get them all in my drawers any more.
So I guess this is my uniform...two hundred variations of the same thing. Oh yeah...and I wear slippers/thongs/flipflops (whatever you call them where you are from) every day too. Where I live and work this is not too dressy but definitly more dressed up than the average chick checking her mail or getting gas for the car. lol
Well, I just normally wear a tabard because it's quick for me to put on and take off. As I work from home I still want to appear professional but I don't want to give the impression that it's a real 'salon'. I want people to feel relaxed as if they were in their own home. Does this make sense :huh:

I work from home too, or mobile so I just wear black capri pants, white shirt (3/4 length sleeves)and smart flip flop/thongy things. Actually they are really pretty, kind of a natural beigey leather with 3 little daisy flowers :flower: on them. I got them from Brazil & they show off my nail art tootsies really well.

I always try to look really smart & neat, I like to think I@ve got a new-age spa type of a thang goin on :fro:
Whether I have or not is a matter for conjecture!!

Kitty...that sounds nearly like what I wear. Comfy huh?

Nailstar...what the heck is a tabard? lol
The white dental nurese type uniform - yuck!!! With tan tights and white lace-up shoes - double yuck!!!

White combats and zipper top sounds well funcky!!!

I'm still trainging, but if I had to wear a uniform I'd want it to be similar to yours!!!

You both look great in your photo.

Funnily enough we bought new matching white overalls last week at the show, so we all wear same white overall and black 3/4 length trousers with mules showing off our toenails which have nail extensions on them too, wil gems along the smile lines. :D

Jue :p
hi all

i wear black trousers and black or white top with creative logo on it smart but casual
After school I thought I would never wear white again. We had to wear a white smock w/a nail tech patch on sleeve or white t-shirt w/nail tech logo and white pants, and white leather shoes. I felt like I worked in a hospital. :D But since I work at home I usually wear what ever is comfy but professional. Although I would like to set a "theme" to what I wear. I guess that means SHOPPING :thumbsup: My husband would like that. ............... NOT :frust: As soon as I am able to get mobile I will wear something more "professional",
I did orginally wear THE WHITE DRESS but someone once asked me if I was a nurse when I went to pick the kids up from school.

I now wear navy trousers and a white polo shirt with my own logo on it. I got some transfer paper from Staples and made iron on transfers from the computer.

Easy and very stylish - well I think so lol.
Thats how we did our Logo's on our T-shirt's. Dont you just love home grown PC Technology. Saves a mint on the T-shirt printing from a shop.
Love Ruth xx
Hi all
Ok how about uniforms for guys?
I am training with Creative at the moment and have looked for uniforms but the only things I have seen for men make you look like a dentist. Not my style really.
Anyone know different
I think Nailsinlondon have got it right - white combats and white sweatshirt for men sounds cool to me!!!

A tabard is just like an apron that can tie up really easily and take off just as quick. To be honest, I'm quite a smart person when it comes to dress sense (well I think so anyway!) so I sometimes just wear what I've already got on such as trousers and a casual top.
Well as they say, the world is your Lobster LOL
You could wear black Combats with white T-shirt, white Combats with white T-shirts, black Combats and black T-shirts or any way round you like :D
I think guys would look 8) cool in the White Combats and the white T-shirts.

Mind you who am I to say it has to be black or white at all. Maybe pick a colour and a style of clothing, that suit your image and then build around that.

We had the all black uniform a while ago and it was very slimming but also looked a mess at the end of the day.
love Ruth
michelnailtech said:
Ok how about uniforms for guys?

OK... been holding off my response to this thread until I saw Mikes post... mostly because it can really go several ways.

It completely depends on the environment you work in.

Im not one for uniforms in the traditional sense... not because I don’t think that staff look very professional in them... but because I wouldn’t look good in them :)

I have always felt that my uniform was trendy/very smart/casual.
More like the hairmessers (maybe because I also did mess hair for awhile).

I want my appearance to project the style and quality of my work. I think female teks look great in whites... but at the cost of looking standardized.

If that’s the feel to your salon... great... go for it. If your salon has more of a cutting edge feel to it... don’t do it :!:

Anyhooo.... im kind of rambling... but you get the drift ;)
I'm divided on this...

In a large salon I love the look of all stylists/techs/etc in the same uniform - or at least the same colour. I agree that one uniform does not suit all body shapes.

The against is... I get sick of wearing things day in day out! I love buying new clothes and wearing them for the first time - I always feel so confident!!

The salon that I will be renting from in July has an all black uniform. Which doesn't work well for techs covered in white nail dust! So I think I will stick with my own style as I will be renting the space.

Gosh... imagine a uniform for my business name... would take me 2 hours to get dressed in wigs and heavy kohl every morning!!!
I work in a very small town of a 1000. Mostly farmers and such. If I wore a uniform, people would think I am crazy. I am the only nail tech in a tanning salon. Dont get me wrong, I think uniforms(as long a s they are trendy) are a great idea, especially in a day spa, but in this little town, people think I overdress the way it is. I used to dress business casual(I used to be an insurance angent-lots of those clothes) and I got so much slack. So I wear very casual clothes-lots of capris and short sleeve tops. Now that the weather has been much warmer I wear sandals and flip flops. Much better response from people who say "you look so cute today" I love to hear that. I have been trying to locate one of those OPI aprons that we wore in school. Those are cool. That would be good to wear on days like today when I am wearing mostl :flower: y black.
Oh yes, what am I like..............I just lurve black........maybe more so since I gave birth to 2 little ladies (not at the same time, just in case you're wondering!). White just makes me look like a very anaemic milk bottle :shock:

I bought a little black number at Olympia, you know the style, mandarin collar and 3/4 trousers...........really happy with them. But black :!: I must be outta my sweet tiny little mind :shock:

I like the idea that (hopefully) it makes me look more professional, to be taken seriously, but not clinically. I've done the thing wearing my own clothing and just find that when I want to wear something out, it's generally got something gooey down it

Anyway, I'm happy :D

Dizzy Dellie :trashed:

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