Where Are We All Going This Next 12 Months


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Nov 24, 2005
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Cheadle, Stoke on Trent. UK.
I have noticed that we have an increased number of newbies in Hair, Beauty and Nails that have joined this site this last month or so, perhaps it is due to the new college year starting soon in September and want to extend a great welcome to you all.

What it has made me think though is for those of us who have now been qualified for a while - what are we all going to do this next 6 to 12 months to take our businesses forward.

What made you decide to choose these options or is it something that you always planned to do at this stage of your career.

I have recently extended my range of Facial treatments available by doing more specialist training with Germaine de Capuccini and I plan on building this up as much as I can this next 6 months.

I have also been looking at the nail services I currently offer as I dont feel that offering a soft/soakable gel accomodates all situations with my clients. So feel that I need to also expand into the fields of possibly none soakable gels and perhaps L&P. I still also have this need in me for more arty stuff with nails so will aim to practice this more as well to be able to offer it to my clients.

All of these recent decisions we made because I felt that I couldnt offer something that my clients were in need of. Except for the nail arty stuff, which has come about due to the fabulous stuff that I have seen from some of the nail geeks on here and has yet again inspired me to push myself further.

I am also going to look into my waxing services thanks to the generous offer from Axiom with the geeky waxing workshop in September.

So come on guys - what are your plans in our beloved industry to take you forward this next 6 to 12 months and why.
It all depends on whether I receive redundancy from my current job. If I do then I can concentrate on building up a business and undertaking further training. I really want to do a few 1-2-1s in my current system and when I feel more confident I'd like to train in l&p and spray tanning.

If I don't get it, then I'll be going to the bankruptcy courts in the next 12 months!:rolleyes::lol::rolleyes:
just wanted to quickly say great thread!!!
i'll be back when i've had time to give it some thought!!

im going to start my business in sept, i have business cards and price lists sorted, website under construction etc and gonna put adverts up in local villages over next 2 weeks, then as soon as i get info thru im going to book acrylic foundation course and get on that asap, and i would love to do waxing course, as the few people i do already with manis/pedis always ask if i do tanning or waxing, so would love to, but will have to wait until start earning money with nails first

i hope to be fully up and running by dec /jan with accounts/paperwork all sorted etc, but i know it takes time , so wont run before i can walk lol

i always get inspriration from this site, especially with great ideas for nails and nail art etc, so will use this to keep pushing myself

great thread t xxxxxx
I'm going to the pub !!!:green:

But seriously, I have recently set up my home salon and am intending to add to the beauty side of the business. I originally started out intending to do just nails but there is a great demand for waxing and eyelash/brow tinting, where there is demand there is money:lol:
Adele - I am coming with you! Hang on!
Count me in too, the drinks are on Adele!!!:)

In the next 6-12 months I hope to have a good regular client base, I also hope that I am able to get my timing down a bit. I want to carry on training and hopefully get good enough to consider doing my masters in the next few years. It's what keeps me going, it's my goal, and if and when I achieve that I am going to treat myself to a pair of Jimmy Choos!:)
3 things.

1.Building on Academie skincare,and liasing directly with France.

2.Perron Rigot...the best waxing system in the world:green:

3.Teaching Rich to speak French...PROPERLY:lol::lol::rolleyes::rolleyes::lol:...other than just getting the bill and knowing how the French transport system works...LMAO

Good thread Theresa:hug:
Hopefully not around the bend! :lol:

Am looking into other courses at the mo, but as yet remain undecided.
I am looking into courses at the moment as well, as I havnt done any training since last Oct so am getting itchy feet!:) I think I am going to do either level 3 Beauty or level 3 Nail Services hopefully over the next year, then I want to do a foundation degree.:hug:
Ive got to organise my work more.Possibly having definate days off and working more set times and not here, there and everywhere.Then i should be able to get back to the gym and have a weekly lunch date with my hubby like i used to before i got busier.
well ive just passed my acrylic ,gel and manicure course so next for me is to learn to drive as i wont be very mobile with out a car lol.
then a few 1-1 and skill building days etc to help me perfect my training . and then when I'm confident with all that tanning and maybe beauty phew .:eek:
but first and for most nails nails nails lol
I have 3 areas to build on for next year -

  1. Find a good brand and get trained in gel nails.
  2. Get on a Swedish body massage course and add another treatment to my list.
  3. Major promotion into bridal services.
I have to say I'm really looking forward to the next 12 months.:)
well after all the hoo har ive had, ive had to finish my mobile clients etc, so when the girls go back to their mum, i have to start from scratch.....AGAIN
I want to continue to build up my home salon during the next year.. I have booked and paid for a creative conversion course which i am leaving for this monday.. then i want to continue practising my sculpture.. I want to eventually be able to offer forever french and colours.. In the next few weeks i will have completed 100 sets.. ((not friends and family but real paid for sets)) and im going to give myself a treat:green:.. Shout myself something grand!!
Spray tan is something i would love to offer.. and waxing.. but for now im concentrating on being the best tech i can be!
Cool thread!

Primarily I want to build on the training I offer and have set myself a target of finishing the dratted BSC waxing course I've been writing by the end of October- it's been more than 18 months in the making and I want to be rid of the writing and get on with the training, lol :D

Tied in with that, I'm hoping to launch an online waxing resource for technicians and members of the public. Again, I've been writing it slowly behind the scenes for the last few months, so I will be glad when it finally hits the airwaves.

I'm also looking for new premises for the business - possibly involving a move out of Basingstoke, and possibly involving another therapist to work alongside me. Scary, but exciting too.

As far as treatments go, I'm doing a hot stone massage course in a few weeks time, which is something I've wanted to do for ages and I've just managed to save enough to make it happen - hurrah! Really looking forward to that, so if anybody is passing through Basingstoke and fancies being a guinea pig just let me know!! :D

Andy x
Top 3 things for me:

1. Finish and pass my L+P Masters
2. Skill-build my Brisa
3. Increase my prices and increase my income/profit for the 3rd consecutive year!

If I can do that I'll be happy......:)
As far as treatments go, I'm doing a hot stone massage course in a few weeks time, which is something I've wanted to do for ages and I've just managed to save enough to make it happen - hurrah! Really looking forward to that, so if anybody is passing through Basingstoke and fancies being a guinea pig just let me know!! :D

Andy x

Hmmm, Basingstoke isn't that far from me......:lol: Hot stone massage sounds lush.....
In the next 6-12 months, i see myself trying to either trying to hang onto our home or sprucing it up so we can sell and get a good price to enable us to move somewhere that we can afford comfortably.

I wish I could say I would being doing nails but sadly not I will probably be looking after hubby who may be having the disc operation on his back.

In the next 12 -24 months I hope everything will be sorted and I can get back to training with 1-2-1 training then on track to do masters.
Its nice to see that some of us have so many plans.

It also got me thinking - have we all achieved what we wanted and aimed for in the last 12 months? I know I certainly did - got my own business up and running and running very nicely it is too!

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