who likes tattoos who does not ....


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Jun 26, 2007
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in the uk
just thought i would ask all you geeks at there.....who likes tattoos,who does not...why? who has them? i have 7 tattoos 1 on my foot,my wrist,my shoulder,bottom of my back,both hips.....i dont want anymore.have my family names tattoo on me and thats what i wanted.:green:
I hate them, to me they are ugly and disfiguring.
I like them and have 6, well actually i had one covered up so i could have a cross with entwined roses when my mum passed away.

Celtic band at bottom of back, celtic band around left arm, butterfly on my back, dolphion on right shoulder but now covered up and have a cross with a date and hubbys name on right boob:green:
i have hubbys name on my foot....i love tattoos my hubby has loads and is getting loads more.... i cant wait!!!!!!:green:
I hate them, to me they are ugly and disfiguring.

I'm with you on this one. I really don't like tattoos.

I can appreciate the artistic value in some tattoos, but even so, do I really want a Michael Angelo tattooed on my body ???

They are just far too permanent and just think what they are going to look like when you're 70 !!!

Sorry, but they are just not my cup of tea.

Not for me either.... purely for the fact they are permanent !!!...grannies and tattoos???? :green:

But on saying that...I do like the ones that are at the base of the spine...like a tribal sign thingy...but then only on young, tanned slim girls ( I sound wayyyyyyy to pervy there LOL ), on my big splodgy white back it would look rather hideous...

so in conclusion .... not for me ... but on the right person yes...xxxxxx
Twenty years ago I was tempted as my friend had one, a rose, and it looked so pretty. But now I'm glad I didn't go through with it. I think when they're first done they can look nice with the colours being so fresh and vivid, but I think as the years go by and they fade, they don't look as attractive as they once did. Friends of mine who had them done years ago are pretty sorry now for various reasons - the colours fading, some of them putting weight on and maybe husbands/partners who don' like them.

Each to their own, but these days they're not for me.

I love em :D Not mine though,i was stupid,didn't reasearch properly and they are just pants,but good ones are great

I'd love my hubby to have loads,he has three quite big uns and say's no more,the whimp :lol:
I love em :D Not mine though,i was stupid,didn't reasearch properly and they are just pants,but good ones are great

I'd love my hubby to have loads,he has three quite big uns and say's no more,the whimp :lol:

I bet he has :eek:
:smack: filth :lol: x
I think tattoo's can look really cool! I am after a tribal one for my left shoulder, one that comes around the back slightly too.

I am also a bit of a fan of metal work too!
i love tattoo's but i do look at some peoples and think oh my god what were you thinking!!!

I like to design my own
i like tattoos, i have 2 on my ankles the kids names, 1 on left arm celtic rose, 2 on right arm celtic rose and teddy bear, 1 large celtic roses design on my right shoulder blade, my other half has a few that he did in his younger days with the old indian ink and needles, but he has had all his kids names(5) done in chinese on his forearm. Lucylou
well fozzyo....i know you live in wolverhampton but my hubby could do the tats for you....... people come from far to get tattoos by my hubby!!!!!!!! im glad this has got people thinking....mixed responce i must say.....just gotta add i love them again.....:green:
Sorry but I hate them, a pal of mine had some done when we were in our early 20's (we are now mid 40's) and now so totally regrets it as they have faded and look awful (especially after children and excess weight gain), she wants them removed but cant afford it. I think its looks terrible when you see older women at the beach and they have tatoos that have sagged or faded, just looks nasty.
I love Tattoos! I have 10 now, all only fairly small...........2 chinese symbols on my shoulder, my kids names and my hubbies name, a tribal flower thing on the left arm (I hate it, I had it when I was 14 ans fely very bullied into having it by my 'mates') a humming bird and swirly design on my lower back, flower on my ankle and my newest edition is a string of stars hearts and dots on my foot, I love them all apart from my arm.

I never wanted to get a tattoo that could be seen by everyone, as I said I felt bullied into doing that one and am saving to have it removed, its only small, but it bugs me! The others are there to stay! :green:

I love a man with some tattoos, hubby has a large Liverpool footy club crest on his back and mine and the kids names aswell, looks ace!

As for tattoos staying bright and fresh, I prefer mine faded, I like the faded look, so all of my tattoos have never been re coloured!
I think tattoos look ok to a certain extent,i have one on my left arm ,one on my lower back which isnt too big and a small one on my belly next to my belly bar,i think they look ok,but when you see huge tattoos on women ..yuck...my husbands got that black goffick writting across the top of his back,lower back and the inside of his arms ,it looks tacky to me ,but on one of arms hes got a british bulldog which i think looks wicked,so i spoze it depends on what you have and what size it is.xxx
I like Tattoos I have 3.....inside of my left ankle,right shoulder blade,lower abdominal area...I have no regrets...but then I did not get any until my mid/late 30's.......all my tattoos are no bigger than 2 inches...and can all be covered with socks,my bra strap,or undies :green:.....

IMO....tattoos on a woman should be tastefully placed....so when you are "old" they can be covered and no one has to look at your saggy,faded tattoo :eek:

on a man....there just "hot".....no matter what/who/where they are .....
JMO of coarse !
I'm not sure. I like the idea of having one, occasionally I see someone with a good one and think "oooo thats ace, I want one", but those occasions are far outnumbered by the times I see someone with one that looks horrendously out of place, especially on women (sorry to sound sexist but I really do think they look better on men than women).

Its all down to personal taste really isnt it? I mean, if we did a count on hairstyles, or how we like our nail enhancements, we'd all be different again. vive la difference eh!
I don't love them... but i like them.

I have 4!!! My surname (SHIELDS) in Arabic going down my lower spine, stars on the out side of my left foot stars on the inside of my left foot and a curly twisty thing on the outside of my right foot. All of them i can hide, i forget i have them some times. My dad is a tattoo artist so i don't pay for them.

My dad keeps going on at me to take it up but i am too into nails and stuff to start tattooing, It will take up loads of my time. I might one day tho... loads of money in it!


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