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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Last night the world waved a final farewell to one of's most treasured and beloved members. Geek of the year and Super Moderator Adele Keegan was an inspirational friend to thousands over the years and will always be remembered for her humour, friendship, support and steadfast no nonsense fairness.

With 6,174 posts, Adeles mark here is forever permanent. And though her post count will no longer grow, her affect through those posts will continue to influence, inform and tickle long into the future.

Our heart goes out to her family. Rest in peace our beautiful Clumsy Giraffe. We will miss you.


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Not many of us Knew Adele Keegan all of our lives ... We wish we had. We met her through the Nailgeek site which she joined in 2006.

A very organized no-nonsense lady, Adele worked as an accounts manager for much of her working career, but she was a creative person of great taste and she and her sister Alison formed a successful soft furnishings company about 12 years ago; they did beautiful work together. Adele and Alison have loads of loads of imagination and style but the job was very heavy work indeed and Adele decided to sit down and learn how to do nails (which she did very successfully with a host of clients who adored her). She opened a successful home salon and most importantly, joined the nail geek site in October 2006 which is when she entered our (the geek) orbit (heaven help us all !!).

Adele was a born communicator and of course the salon geek was the perfect place to learn and to communicate with others. Woe betide you if you got your name in her 'little black book' (and many did even if they were never aware of it, as she did not suffer fools gladly). :lol:

Adele became a member of the Mod Squad more than a year ago. She waited quite a long time for someone to be bad enough to get banned and we gave her the honour of doing it. She enjoyed that.

She gave us so many laughs with her quick and feisty humour and was one 'wicked' lady to share a bottle or two of wine with and fortunately we had lots of chances to do just that, together; not enough though, and we all wish it could have been allot more.

Adele was voted 'Geek of the Year' 2010 at the last EVENT and that was a HUGE moment in her life and she was determined to get to the EVENT come what may. She and her family made sure she didn't miss it ... and she looked beautiful and immaculately turned out as ever. She had a real sense of 'style' and dignity, and was one smart lady in every sense of the word. She may not have 'suffered fools gladly' but she was kind and generous to a fault and eager and willing to help anyone who needed it.

We Mods miss her and the site members who knew her have missed her during this last year. She has left a gap where she had the ability to see things from a different, quirky and more amusing, if not irreverent (which much better describes her :eek:) point of view.

Adele spent her last year doing all the things she wanted or felt she needed to do. She knew from the start that she did not have all the time in the world. She was strong. She accepted her illness and with Alison at her side all the way, she kept her dignity and her sense of humor. It would have made her laugh to know that she missed Christmas! She probably planned it that way.

She was a loving person who was loved by all of us, is missed by all of us and both her world and the geek world will be diminished without her in it.
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Although our hearts and thoughts go out to Paul (Adele's husband) and Alison (her sister) and all her other family, we shouldnt be sad at this time. Imagine what Adele will think of us if we are moping around being sad - dorks, plebs or even numpties she would probably say!

She was a huge part of the site and will forever be! I bet we can all remember cyber parties which she hosted at Casa Keegan. We all laughed so much we cried!

She has touched all of our lives and I can honestly say I am a better person for knowing her.

Sleep tight you feisty bird! xx
Even though we knew it would happen we're never quite ready for it are we...
My heart goes out to Paul, Alison and the rest of Adele's family :hug:

I have so many fab personal memories, from 'bonding in the loo' (on more than one occasion lol) to sharing a bottle of wine on one of our Skype chats (including the sore heads the following day lol) and enjoying a fab afternoon on our terrace last summer, not to mention the Event this year.

Adele gave so much and will be missed desperately by all those whose lives she touched, more than she ever realised.

RIP special lady, I will miss your humour, your generosity and most of all your friendship :hug: xxx
Fiona - you took the words from my lips - Feisty Bird was right. I remember calling Adele one night to see how she was doing and we talked for 3 HOURS!! :eek: We talked and we laughed. She made ALL of us laugh.

I think SAMUEL & GIGI's sentiments said what is in my heart perfectly.. in fact Sam's made me cry. But Fiona is right - Adele wouldn't want us moping - she would want us to remember all the 'funnies' we shared with her and there were many!

I am most honoured that the last time I saw her, was when Sam and I and the Geek Moderator team honoured her with 2010 Geek of the Year!! A moment she treasured, and was for once bless her - lost for words!! :hug:


You will be missed greatly Adele - Love & Respect to you and to your wonderful family!

Samantha :Love:
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I hope its ok to post my deepest condolences to her family and friends and a massive heartfelt thanks for being able to 'virtually' have meet such a lovely , kind and knowledgable person.

May her star always shine down brightly on those that knew and loved her.

I feel honoured and blessed to have known such a true, funny and amazing lady .. Adele

I feel sad that Adele is no longer with us, but I will always think of her and smile because of the person she was, the joy she gave and the stick she would beat you with if you ever got her goat...:)

Forever in our thoughts and our hearts...Adele...a true legend !!

Much love and sympathy to Adele's family....:hug:
RIP Adele you were loved to bits and will always be remembered as one hell of an individual :hug:
RIP adele
I am lost for what to say as everyone else sums her up perfectly, she was talented , funny , quick witted and a special person indeed
my thoughts are with her family at this time :hug:
I was so sad to hear about Adele.

Its funny how one person can make such an impact on a forum. She was so full of life and her pantomimes were great fun, I really miss those !!

I hope she is having a seriously large glass of wine up there !!!

Sweet Dreams :hug::hug:
you are going to be so missed adele
from my personal experience i never met you in the flesh...but those numerous pms between ourselves you came right down to my level and we had a hoot with our " rough old bird talk " shame i didnt take you up on the offer of 'the gin' you are such a doll. :hug::hug::hug: r.i.p lovely :Love:
I am not around that much these days.. but I am happy to say that I enjoyed talking with Adele on occasion and always felt her posts to the forum always interesting, knowledgeable, caring and often had me laughing my socks off. I am sad that I never got to know Adele in the 'real' world as I can imagine what a wonderful person she would have been to have known.

My condolences to her family. RIP to a fine lady.
Adele is such a sad loss, she fought her illness with bravery and dignity. She has left behind her a lot of treasured memories for a lot of people, and the touching posts here show that.

My thoughts are with all of Adele's family, I hope she is now out of pain.
Sleep tight, lovely lady, enjoy your'll never know how much your support and sweet words helped me fight my battles too.

Ironic that this is the one time we can get mushy without you reprimanding us! Love you and miss you always xxx
Goodbye and rest in peace Adele
A funny, clever, kinder geek, you could not hope to meet xxxxx
I unfortunately never got to meet Adele but we did share a few pm's mainly about our age, tena ladies and false teeth. I will miss her straight to the point, no nonsense posts and her pm's.

My condolences to her family at this very very sad time.

RIP Adele you will always be missed.
What sad news to wake up to.

I was very fortunate enough to have met Adele on 2 occasions (The Events) - what a great lady she was, full of mischief & fun.:hug: I for one will miss her quirky nature & the help & advice she has given me over the years on this wonderful site.

I raise a glass to you Adele - Gordons Gin & Schweppes tonic - Ice first, as always.

God bless you Adele, I'm sure you'll tell him if he doesn't - even though you didn't like to celebrate his sons birthday. The 'C' word.

Adele you will be sadly missed,but will remain in our hearts.

I will always remember you Adele with that big glass of wine and the most amazing champagne and food you plied me with when i stayed with you that time!:eek::lol:

A sweet loving and passionate hard working woman that made a difference!:hug:

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