How to do Acrylic nails according to the you tube experts (Newly added video)


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Bev Rose

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Aug 26, 2004
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Love the......'now, not too thick!' she didn't.
Won't be booking with her!!
...........OMG!! :eek: Is that Creative products she has aswell?
Oh, I'm so jealous, I wish I could do such a good work, too!...
You think she could do mine?:green:

I was cringing when she touched that brush hair. And picked up that dry bead. And patted the crap out of it.
"Kinda like" OMG!:eek:

Well at least her mix ratio is spot on (ahem)
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And at the end when she said 'that's how you put acrylic on an tip' I shouted 'no it isn't'!!!!!! OMFG, how thick was zone 3?????
ONLY Zone 3?

Yvette, surely you jest lol.

Why oh why can't it just be illegal to be IGNORANT? completly cover your clients finger in monomer, pat it all up the fingers to the knuckles...'' seriously:eek:
OMG what on earth was THAT. Now Im not trained in nails and I know that was so very bad, Im wondering if she has had any training at all...but she was using Creative products?!
VERY BAD but I had to watch it anyway
Wow now thats nicely done over exposure.

The room is sure dark.

I need some dental work, do you think she could hook me?

Just my opinion, CND really should have this removed from youtube.
the thing that always makes me laugh is that she must think her application technique is right and that the end result of the nails is excellent otherwise she wouldnt of put her video on the internet for millions of people to see.
that is quite worrying.xx
Oh wow I have seen some bad nails in my time but..... wow

I wonder if shes CND trained? surely not CND dont teach nails that way!

wow, I have seen better work from students 3 weeks into their course

last comment, not to thick? she used enough powder there for 4 full enhancments

oh no there's another comment... can we all say


OMG a fully wet brush totally wiped all over the (fake) finger!

dont even get me started on the ratio of that first bead lmao

I agree CND should take her cert off her if shes been trained by them!
And what we are creating is a nail.............
No love what you are creating is a brick lmao
A few of those and she can build herself a lovely extension...for her house.
I bet that plastic finger is melting with all the overexposure:lol::lol::lol::lol:
Telol me it is a joke somebody.................anybody:confused:
ooh dear...what is she doing...over exposure....toooooo thick in wonder people just THINK they can do nails PROPERLY ...:eek:
If this isn't a case for not selling professional nail products on ebay, I dont' know what is!
OMFG!!!!!:eek: That is so not on, i cant believe its on utube for all to see.
Is there not a law against these kind of advertisements?:|
There must be an association for the 'protection of plastic fingers'.... The PPF....

Seriously though that is frightning .... Surely this woman is not carrying out this 'procedure' on the general public.....

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