Ruby Red Star And Loop Nails.


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Jan 4, 2007
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hi everyone,

Here is my latest nails.

I'm sorry to those who have pm'd me about doing a tutorial on my last set i've been a tad busy but i am on it!!

So these are my ruby red glitter nails with stars and loops and a custom blend, the star is a icing cutter pressed into the acrylic then filled in with white and the loops i used the end of the smallest c-curce stick and pressed into the acrylic and filled in with white also.

Hope tou all like, my clients are going nuts for these at the minute lol
They are fab I love them!

Love the nails this must be the in thing only Friday Night I did a red set not unlike yours only no stars OMG how freeky.

Any way the nails are fab Love the colours How did you do the stars what size of Icing cutter?

Well done keep up the good work:hug:
Wow, they look gorgeous Kirsty.
You're very talented, I'd love a set of those.
Love the idea of the icing cutter. Really imaginative. Oh, by the way, they're beautiful.
kirsty , have i ever told you how much i hate you???


snot fair i want to be able to do these!!
Sorry forgot to add my on it now x
thank you everyone glad you like them, here is a pick of the icing cutters it is quite small you can get flowers hearts etc


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wish I lived nearer, I would love these. xx Well done
Love em' hun
gorgeous as always :rolleyes::irked:
lol :green:

This is why you are a winner!

Fantatic nails and I'm looking forward to a tutorial on this a well.
They are lovely, I'm not qualified to assess but I think they are great xx
thank you everyone glad you like them, here is a pick of the icing cutters it is quite small you can get flowers hearts etc


I Have just shown my hubby the nails and he cant believe yours and mine are almost Identical only for the stars. Thanks for the info on them love your work well done again:hug:
I love the star!! So effective!
Lovely xxxxxxxxxxx:)
U already know B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

I just bid black lace on my friend and we were doing red tip imoressions next time.

Is it going around....
Takes alot to impress me..and you have done it! :D
I absolutely adore these nails Kirsty, what a talented lady you are. I know you are more of an L&P girl but do you think there is anyway this could be possible with gel - a big hope I know but maybe someone could come up with something ingenious.
Absolutely beautiful Kirsty :)
:hug:You are so talented, they are absolutely gorgeous

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