So pleased, just wanted to tell you all!!!


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emma m

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Aug 10, 2004
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pontefract west yorkshire
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to tell you all how pleased I am with myself, I have just qualified as a IV (internal verifer) with city & guilds.

Sorry I just feel like I want to shout it from the roof tops, Sorry if it sounds boring to some but I am chuffed!!!!

Not boring at all, just a lot of hard work and study I bet!............CONGRATULATIONS!!
Hi Emma, you go girl.... no idea what its all about but its obviously good news. Well done.
Well done & Congratulations!
Huge Congratulations xxxxxx :hug:
Well done hun :)
Congratulations in abundance.... xxxxx

but por favor...what exactly is it you have passed? :lol::hug:
It just means that as well has being a nvq assesor, I can go and internally verifer other staff that deliver my subjects to make sure that the assesment decisions that they are making are the coorect ones.
hope that makes sense.
well done you hun, must have been a lot of hard work , so congratulations xxxxx
CONGRATULATIONS! I am sure you put heaps of hard work in and it is no wonder you are so pleased xxx
Well done, congrats!
you have every right to be chuffed to bits
I too would be as i bet you have worked your butt off to get this qualification
congratulations sweet
you have def deserved it
Debbie x
Thank you all for the lovely replies.
Huge Congratulations hunny :hug:

Coffee at the Precinct on me :D xxxxx
Wow - how totally awesome!! Congratulations and you go and shout as much as you like!
Well done Emma ... great news.

That is a fantastic achievement Emma a big well done, :hug:
now you be careful up there on that roof top lol.
Well done Emma, what a fantastic achievement.
Well done you are just right to shout about it!

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