Spanx control undies..have you tried these?


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Bev Rose

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Aug 26, 2004
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Hi all!

Right, I'm going to a ball on friday night & the problem is........

fat tum
fat bum
fat legs

Oh, and as Gok would say on 'How to look good naked' a 'cracking pair of bangers!' Or as I would say, big & in the way of my knees!!:lol:

Needless to say, I feel like buying some control undies, but the problem is i can imagine me sitting down & it all rolling up from the legs and rolling down from the waist & me fat bits flopping out etc get the picture, so what are they like, do they do this????:lol:
LoL i got some from M&S for the wedding i went to in september.
They are good for under a dress but then i wore them with trousers and a blouse for another wedding and they rolled down a little at the top everytime i stood up and sat down. What a laugh it was, they are good though.
Just make sure you get the correct size for you and they'll be great.
I got a pair of these pant type things from Evans. They come up to just under my boobs and just above my knee, they dont roll down or up for that matter, and they dont squish the fat on your kness in lol! They were £18.
I do want a pair of Spanx though, I am waiting for them to come back onto QVC!!!
Out of sheer boredom I was watching a shopping channel last night, might have been QVC and they were selling them.

Not sure if they were Spanx, but you got a pair (long ones and short ones). Think they were about £20, but don't quote me on that.

M&S's wonder knickers are fantastic but make sure you get firm control.

Not tried Spanx as happy with my M&S ones.

Enjoy your ball, wish I was going to a ball.
Well, thanks for your responses - I've ordered some serious Bridget Jones's, more high waisted, tummy holding in jobbies, than the sort that go down your legs too!

So I'm expecting to look like Kelly Brooke on Friday night - not!:lol::lol:
I hope they don't make me feel sick so I can't eat or drink anything!!!:lol: Plus, I hope I don't break a nail trying to deal with them whilst in a toilet cubicle the size of a matchbox, leaning against the wall whilst bent double, a little drunk! You know what I mean - we've all been to that loo!!!!:lol:
i got a few pairs of these back in the summer after my tummy tuck as they were a lot more comfortable than the corset binder the hospital gave me and they were great, very comfy, and they were only £8 a pair in asda, they also have the ones that are a bit like shorts so they slimmn the tops of legs:), i think they are all asda own make
I know you already ordered but I have some Spanx. They're a bit tough for short waisted ppl though. I bought the ones that are meant to sit at the waist but I have to pull them right up to my bra strap to prevent rolling. Keeping the back part up there is a problem.:eek: I do have to say that they are great quality and they don't squeeze or pinch.

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