Help to ban MMA in Nail Industry - UPDATED


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Jun 1, 2007
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I have signed and left my comment hun :hug:
god if we all did this surely the numbers would go through the roof?!

ive signed.
I´ve signed, well done for posting. x
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god if we all did this surely the numbers would go through the roof?!

ive signed.

Definatly! theres about 500 signatures so far, if we all show are support by signing it ,then maybe, just maybe something will be done about it.
Read in another thread theres about 18,000 members on this site, just think if we could get a quater of them to sign it !!!
i have signed also .. well done for the post...H x
signed it!- just hope something is done about it............:mad:
I have signed. x
I've signed thanks for the post.
Sorted, thanks x
Thanks for posting this, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Signed it also :hug:
just a quick note, this thread will probs get closed if everyone just posts saying theyve signed the petition!!

Maybe it could be made into a sticky so as many members as poss get to see it?
I havesigned it, thanks for posting this.xx
Is this just for nail techs to sign or can we pass this onto clients who's nails have been affected by mma?
I have signed it and left a comment, its good to read the comments on there lots of people, making lots of sense. The first one I came across was Sam himself. Lets hope something is done now about the use of MMA and the correct information is being given out, the media have not really been too good at this so far!
I have signed. Let's hope they do something about it.

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