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Oct 7, 2005
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thanks babe :hug:
wow and wow....stunning...well done Antony. they are so dreamy looking...mystical and pretty. x
ooh lovely job antony!! :hug: xx

Is it to much to hope for that you would share a few pointers on how they are done?
they look beautiful, i wish my screen was better for a clearer view.
they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
They're a bit good aren't they?

Wow! Wow! Wow!
absolutely beautiful!
They Are Beautiful Antony Well Done On Your Well Deserved 4th Place. Nice To See Someone From The Uk Flying The Flag Against Such Strong Opposition
Wow fab nails, roll on the day when I can do em like that!! Thinks it'll be a long way off yet!
Beautiful colour choice and lovely composition Anthony. Congratulations.
absolutely amazing, stunningly beautiful
Oh those are so pretty... congratulations Anthony :hug:
Huge Congratulations Antony... to come 4th in Japan is a massive achievement :D
Gorgeous nails xx
Beautiful as always hun:hug: you must have nerves of steel to do these comps
Those are HOT!!

And I soooooooooo love long nails:!:

If ever you are in Montreal PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use me as a guinea pig and do mine!! I have long nail beds and long slim fingers, so a decent canvas to work on :wink2:

Those are sooooooooo pretty!

Thanks for sharing the pics!
they are gorgeous, and i love the colour

well done hun
wow ant flippin gorgeous mate, as allways :hug:

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